We are excited to share with you the culmination of our exciting transformation over the last year.  


As many of you know, Data Capital Management ceased to operate as a Hedge Fund in February 2019.  


We made this decision in order to focus on what makes us special:

- Our use of Data, Technology and Artificial Intelligence to help others make better data-driven decisions


As 2020 has shown, the Capital Markets are an important place for our technology-first approach.


However; unlike DCM, Hedge Funds all-to-often:

               - Take control of your assets while thriving on secrecy and opaqueness

               - Have a potentially dangerous focus on speculation and leverage

               - Exclusively serve the ultra-wealthy while precluding access to Main Street Americans


DCM is a digital investment research, services and advisory firm.


Our passion is to help Humanity—rich and poor alike—to make better, data-driven decisions as they seek to build savings and provide a better life for their families.


During these volatile, unprecedented and scary times; we look forward to helping you make smarter decisions in any way that we can—As long as we leverage what makes us special and unique:

               - Our use of Data, Tech & A.I. to help others make better data-driven decisions.


Democratization of scarce resources has always been driven by technology. It is not fair that only the richest amongst us have access to sophisticated decision making processes and advice.


With your support; we intend to change that.



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#saveyourmoney #helpothers


Sincerely yours,

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